The Firm

Dightman Capital was founded by Brian Dightman. Brian got his start investing during the late 90’s while working in the technology industry. He was fortunate enough to participate in two IPOs (both of which have been acquired by other companies) and to work for a variety of successful companies including a stint at Microsoft.  The experiences provided Brian during this time are invaluable; they are also responsible for furthering his interest in capital allocations and the desire to participate in innovative and growth oriented opportunities.

Brian was captivated by investing concepts and found himself absorbing all he could on the subject through books, seminars, and participating in education programs. Ultimately his love of investing led him to move from the technology industry and pursue a career as an investment advisor in 2002.

He spent the first 6 years at a large international wealth management bank which ultimately allowed him to join a team that worked with high net-worth investors. He was primarily responsible for managing concentrated stock diversification strategies using a variety of techniques. This is a cornerstone of the work he continues to do today.

Dightman Capital became a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) in late 2007. Much has changed in the investment management and financial planning world since that time. One thing that has not changed is the desire for Dightman Capital to serve the needs of their clients in what has become a more complex investment environment.


Focus On Risk-Managed Growth

Dightman Capital has developed a unique set of straightforward and efficient investment strategies, when combined, have the potential to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns.

Focus on Straightforward Planning

Dightman Capital desires clients to have a plan they understand and can execute. The firm also believes it is important for clients to maintain flexibility and control of  their capital.