Personal Financial Vault

Today’s fasted pace world can make it difficult to keep track of all your financial information.  You might want to know your current mortgage balance and when it will be paid off.  Or your Net Worth and what retirement cash flows it is projected to generate.  There are many important questions I help wealth builders answer with […]

Hey Government: It’s Time To Get Serious!

Brian Wesbury, Chief Economist at First Trust Portfolios, does a nice job in the commentary below comparing and contrasting the difference between the private sector (which is doing well) and the public sector (with governments of all sizes in precarious financial positions).  This divergence is a risk factor; the next crisis could erupt from the […]

Medicare Mistakes You Should Avoid

Many aspects of Medicare are misunderstood.  Skipping enrollment for those planning to work past age 65  could be costly even if currently covered by an employer plan.  This article covers several mistakes everyone will want to avoid.

Black Friday Shopping Guide

There are a lot of great deals on Black Friday and this guide can help you narrow your search for the perfect deal (I mean gift)!

Debunking Social Security Myths

With contributions approaching $1 Trillion a year you would think Social Security plan participants have a good understanding of how the program works.  The truth is, over the years a variety of factors have created a complex system.  Educating yourself about the Social Security  is the first step towards navigating your way to a successful […]

How Much Can I Withdraw?

Determining the amount of money to withdraw from retirement accounts is one of the biggest challenges retirees may face. This decision is complicated by the fact nobody knows how long they are going to need the money to last. For this reason and others, it is a good idea to plan for a longer period […]

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