How The Presidential Election Could Impact Stocks and Bonds

  U.S. investors find themselves on the verge of a historic election clouded by controversy not seen in decades, even lifetimes.  Combined with mixed messages in related areas: A rare strong GDP number (subject to revisions), a Federal Reserve on and off with raising interest rates (they are on again for a December hike) and a […]

The Stock Market Prepares for Higher Interest Rates

U.S. stocks have been stuck in a trading range since the middle of July. Q3 earnings and central bank policy are likely to be the factors driving near-term market direction but any number of wildcard events could derail a rally attempt. The market is currently priced for perfection but that does not mean it can’t […]

Retail Sales, Inflation & Real Estate

Doug Short just updated his Big Four Economic Indicators report with July retail sales.  Doug’s report is one of the easiest ways to get a feel for broad economic activity in the U.S.  After a bit of a slowdown scare as we left 2015 and entered 2016, numbers have stabilized and even improved in the […]

Don’t Let An Old 401k Languish

After a 25+ year career it is not uncommon for an individual to have worked at several different employers and each employer may represent an old retirement account.  Many times I have helped a client consolidate old retirement accounts (401k, 403b, 457, and others) into an IRA or Roth.  The process is often referred to […]

What A June Rate Hike May Mean for Stocks, Bonds & Real Estate

In order to assess the potential impact of an interest rate hike on asset markets it may help to understand the possible motivation behind the Fed’s decision.  While they point to an improving economy, outside of their employment mandate there is little reason to raise rates.  The Fed has also been clear about their desire […]

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