Frequently Asked Questions

At Dightman Capital, we guide those who have entrusted us with their wealth management to make sound investment, financial, business, and life decisions.

Our focus is on understanding the whole financial picture of the individuals and families we serve. We recognize that most people have complicated lives, and there are many factors to consider when making investment decisions. We excel in understanding the variables that drive investment returns and risk.  We stay informed about economic policies and how they may affect future cash flow including income during retirement.  With this information, we develop effective strategies for our clients.  

For businesses, we are also a resource for making strategic decisions and developing exit strategies.  We have a significant network and are happy to make constructive introductions.  

Like other wealth managers, we believe it is important for all our clients to have a strategy for building wealth.  We also believe it is critical to preserve and pass on that wealth to beneficiaries, including charitable endeavors for those desiring to create a legacy, and we help with this, too.


Since our focus is solely on our clients, we embrace this higher standard of responsibility.  As a fiduciary, we are required to put the needs of those we serve ahead of ourselves.  This duty goes beyond the “suitability” or “best interest” standard to which some financial representatives are held.

Clients choose to work with Dightman Capital because they recognize our wealth management expertise, our broad financial knowledge, our understanding of the complex factors that drive investment risk and returns, and our ability to explain them. They trust us to remain vigilant to changes that might represent opportunities or potential dangers to their investment portfolio and act accordingly.

Our clients also like being seen as individuals rather than as one insignificant member of a large generic investment group.  They appreciate the time we spend getting to know them to understand their specific situations as well as our ability to respond when they need our help with a financial decision.  They recognize the value of a customized portfolio, our direct management of their investments, our competitive fee structure, and our on-going communications. 

Finally, our clients know we realize they have demanding, complicated lives and are confident their needs will be addressed effectively, efficiently, and respectfully.

As we manage client investments, our focus is always on the appropriate balance between target returns and risk management.  Our ability and willingness to engage in more than one investment style or strategy is a quality that separates us from other investment managers.

Through our monitoring of market structure, economic cycles, and policy actions, we can deliver a customized approach to managing client investments that may involve several strategies.  Our approach is focused on investment factors that have consistently shown a performance component for either generating returns or managing risk.

While we incorporate long-held academic views about investing, we also recognize that investment markets change over time.  For example, the U.S. stock market sectors were expanded from nine to eleven, starting with the Real Estate Investment Trust in 2019 and Communications in 2018.  There are other trends that must be considered now that were not factors just a few years ago including:

  • a growing digital economy
  • an increased economic reliance on credit growth
  • a change in the level of monetary policy actions
  • an environment, social, and governmental (ESG) movement


At Dightman Capital, we try to understand the significance of these trends and their long-term potential as we manage client investments to balance target returns with risk management.

We normally deliver two benefits to new clients immediately.  First, we are usually able to improve their mix of investments.  Often new clients come to us with portfolios that contain too many investment categories, underperforming funds, or investments with high expenses. 

Second, we provide a client website that allows our clients to have as much information about their financial world as they are interested in tracking.  The client website makes net-worth statements available, tracks accounts from multiple financial institutions, and provides a vault for sharing information securely between the client and Dightman Capital.

We also deliver periodic commentary on investment markets and occasionally may suggest making adjustments to a client’s investment mix.  Our aim is to manage our investors’ portfolio risk and return characteristics for changing market environments.  Clients receive monthly statements detailing their current investment holdings and any changes that were made during the last period.  We also provide a quarterly investment report that includes cash flow detail, asset allocation breakdown, and performance reporting.

Client accounts are held with a custodian who is responsible for their safekeeping.  Dightman Capital partners with Fidelity Investments for their custodial services.  Fidelity is a privately held company and one of the world’s largest financial institutions.  Fidelity is also a fiduciary and held to a higher standard.

Dightman Capital serves as the investment manager for client accounts and does not have direct control of the movement of money in or out of an account.  

Yes. We charge a competitive management or consulting fee only. No commissions.  No kickbacks.  No conflicts of interest. Our fees are based on the total amount an investor has under management with Dightman Capital.

We serve a variety of investors including business executives; small business owners; beneficiaries; and individuals who are retired, working toward retirement, or individuals who have experienced a life changing financial event.  They appreciate our guidance and perspective as we help them work through complex business and life issues to ensure they are making smart financial decisions.

No. The value of the accounts we manage varies.  However, our services are best suited for investors with higher net-worth issues, and individuals who have a good start on their retirement savings or for whom a life-changing event has enhanced their financial situation.  We also happily manage accounts for the children of established clients who are just getting started with investing and have fewer assets at their disposal.

Our clients work directly with Mr. Dightman regarding their investment and planning needs.  Clients meet with Mr. Dightman in person or through an online video conference.  Mr. Dightman is also available by phone.  Clients have online access to their accounts through their personal financial website and receive monthly statements and quarterly investment reports.  Dightman Capital also provides periodic commentary about financial matters through email and on its website.

Administrative needs are managed by Mr. Dightman’s assistant, Kelly Hutchison.  Serving our clients’ needs is our top priority and we strive to be accessible and helpful.

A second opinion might change your financial future.

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