When you set out to really help, you end up doing a little extra.

We believe your future deserves a little extra.

Going the extra mile

Over our history we have had the privilege of walking through a wide variety of important financial decisions with our clients.  At times clients have even asked for input on business and life decisions.

Determining Whether to Sell or Grow Businesses

We have several small business clients who are constantly evaluating their business prospects.  They use us as a resource to discuss the current business climate, evaluate purchase offers they’ve received for their companies, and assess strategic opportunities.

Guiding Career Transitions

A number of our clients make or experience significant transitions later in life.  We help them work through the decision-making process, and we identify additional resources that may be helpful as they evaluate their options.

Counseling New Business Launches

We have helped clients evaluate and purchase franchise businesses and provided assistance with unique funding arrangements.

Navigating Job Changes

A number of clients who are considering their next career move have asked us to help identify companies that would be a good fit for them.  Our personal knowledge of our clients enables us to do this.

Discovering Alternative College Funding Strategies

We often make clients aware of the many options available for funding a college education and help them incorporate the method they choose into their overall financial plan.


Dightman Capital has broad experience in a variety of business activities and financial matters.  We also value the personal relationships we develop with our clients.  When clients need assistance during critical times, we are there to help while also providing confirmation and encouragement.

A second opinion might change your financial future.

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