Amazing Technological Advancement

A quest to continue learning and exploring made it possible for humans to achieve remarkable feats.  Who is not amazed at the discoveries and pictures of our universe revealed by the Hubble Telescope?  We are about to become even more intimate with the beginning of our universe.  The James Webb Telescope is a remarkable instrument […]

Ingredients That Don’t Deliver

The benefit of advancements in nutrition are well known but some products fall short in delivering the goods.  Occasional replenishment of key nutrients after strenuous activity may have its place but it appears some sports drinks don’t do much for us physically.  New research suggests, in terms of performance, they do very little despite how […]

On Alert, Not Alarm

Apparently central banks and politicians have not done enough to help the global economy recover according to, Christine Lagarde, IMF Managing Director, in a speech at Frankfurt’s Goethe University where she called for stronger action by the world’s economies, suggesting downside risks were increasing. “Let me be clear: we are on alert, not alarm. There […]