Evaluating Current Market Support and Breakout Levels

Stock market trading settled down this past week providing an opportunity to evaluate trading levels and set technical alerts for support and breakout points. Below is a snapshot of a equity investment I follow closely. As you can see in the chart, it has been seven days since the investment closed below the 200 day moving average (Black Line […]

2018 Investment Strategy Review

Stock and bond market performance has been more volatile in 2018.  After an amazing run in 2017 stocks have become more sensitive to interest rate hikes and potential disruptions in global trade because of ongoing trade negotiations by the Trump administration. Bonds too have seen an increase in volatility as the Federal Reserve increases the […]

Uncorrelated Assets Still Terrific

One of the strategies I developed for my investment management services is closely related to what has been called the “All Season” or “Permanent” portfolio.  The idea behind this type of investment approach is to deliver a low volatility, reasonable rate of return that can weather any type of market environment: bear market, inflationary, stagflation, […]

Trade Negotiations & LIBOR Spike

Another round of volatility hit stocks this week, but current support levels remain, and volume has been tamer. The Nasdaq 100’s outperformance YTD remains intact suggesting tech investors are still committed to the sector. It’s one thing to see stocks under pressure but the recent spike in LIBOR (the rate banks lend to each other […]

Stocks Finally Correct, What’s Next?

After an outstanding 15-month stock market advance, last week stocks experienced a significant pullback.  The S&P 500 declined 3.9% but all three major U.S. stock indexes remain in positive territory so far in 2018.  After outstanding performance in 2017, U.S. stocks started 2018 on an even more accelerated run with the Dow Jones Industrial Average […]

Rising Stock Market & Short-term Economic Cycles

Some stock market observers and investors are have having a difficult time understanding why the stock market continues to rise. The key factor right now is the condition of the short-term economic cycle which I describe in more in this short video.

Potential New Fed Chair Impact

Interest rate changes and bond prices are at stake in how policy at the Federal Reserve is managed. Will President Trump re-nominate Chair Yellen or someone new?

Equifax Breach & Securing Your Personal Information

By now you have likely heard about the data breach at Equifax.  We have been here before…numerous times in the recent past consumers have been notified of a massive data breach of personal information at well-known companies.  If you have not done so already, here is where you can check to see if your data […]

Debt-Laden Companies? #FakeNews?

The following commentary is from Brian Wesbury, Chief Economist at First Trust, an innovative exchange traded fund (ETF) provider I use in some of my investment strategies.  I have found much of Brian’s commentary over the year to be helpful,  so I am sharing his most recent “Wesbury’s Comments”.  I hope you find it helpful […]