Fed Rate Hikes & Bond Prices

After several interest-rate hikes this year, U.S. bond prices are looking for support and so far they have found it. The iShares 7-10 Year Treasury ETF (IEF) closed today at $105.40.  Since June, $104.75 has provided price support.  Looking back to the start of 2016, a price of $101.50 has held ground.  The average yield* […]

Cryptocurrency Resources & Tools

I have received a lot of inquiries about Bitcoin and other “cryptocurrencies” recently.  As a finance related subject, I believe it is important to help individuals educate themselves so I offer the following learning resources. I am not acting as an investment adviser in ANY capacity regarding information in this communication about  cryptocurrencies (CC).  As a […]

Why Inflation Has Stayed So Low

Globalization, demographics, technology have helped to keep inflation low Key takeaways: Globalization, demographics, technology have been helping to keep a lid on inflation. Continued low inflation could be a headwind for the performance of Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS). Low inflation helps to justify above-average valuations for stocks. In the wake of the financial crisis, the […]

Potential New Fed Chair Impact

Interest rate changes and bond prices are at stake in how policy at the Federal Reserve is managed. Will President Trump re-nominate Chair Yellen or someone new?

How The Presidential Election Could Impact Stocks and Bonds

  U.S. investors find themselves on the verge of a historic election clouded by controversy not seen in decades, even lifetimes.  Combined with mixed messages in related areas: A rare strong GDP number (subject to revisions), a Federal Reserve on and off with raising interest rates (they are on again for a December hike) and a […]