About Us

Brian Forward Chair closeup

Prior to becoming a Wealth Manager, Brian spent a dozen years in the technology industry at a variety of small and large hardware and software companies (Microtek, MetaCreations, aQuantive, Microsoft).  It was during this time his passion for investing was formed.  In 2002, he made the faithful decision to pursue a career in Wealth Management at RBC Wealth Management and was eventually invited to join a senior partner which provided the opportunity to build a $100-million practice from scratch.  His last four years at RBC provided Brian an opportunity to develop and manage many concentrated-stock diversification strategies as well as accredited investments and estate plans.

Innovation and entrepreneurship are two business characteristics Brian Dightman respects; they are an integral part of running a wealth-management firm and evaluating potential investment opportunities.  His general optimism is balanced by many real-world experiences managing risk.  He has been part of the management team at companies that completed successful IPOs and others that had to close their doors.  His investment experience also includes two recessions and bear markets.

Brian’s entrepreneurial drive drove him to pursue a fiduciary business model which led him to create the independent Registered Investment Advisory firm, Dightman Capital, in 2007.

Brian has built Dightman Capital intentionally focusing on a firm capable of delivering smart investment decisions within a comprehensive wealth planning environment.


Brian is assisted by Kelly Hutchison.  Kelly has over 12-years of experience in administration duties, 7 of which are in the wealth management industry.  She works with clients in a variety of operational capacities and enjoys the personal interaction it brings.  Kelly is very comfortable with complex transactions and working with multiple parties to complete detailed processes.

In her spare time, Kelly enjoys gardening, designing jewelry and charitable causes related to animals.

Our Mission

We aim to bring clarity to the individuals we serve. We deliver straight forward investment advice, strategically designed and well communicated. Our planning process focuses on helping investors maintain control and flexibility. There are too many products, too many opinions, too much noise. We are trying to change that.

We Give Back

We believe in supporting the community and focus our efforts on some of the most vulnerable individuals in society; children in foster care. We have been long-term supports of Treehouse for Kids as part of their “Builders Club” and look forward to adding other organizations in the future.