Screen Sanity in a Digital World

Raising Kids in a Digital World

Screen Sanity Workshop

Presented by Dightman Capital

We are the first generation of parents pondering questions like, When do I get my child a phone? and How should I prepare them for social media? How much screen time is too much?

Dightman Capital has partnered with highly acclaimed nonprofit Screen Sanity to bring parents and caregivers the resources needed to guide children through the opportunities and hazards of the digital world.

Topics include:

+ Discover how to maximize the benefits of technology while minimizing the harmful side effects

+ Create a vision for your family’s screen use

+ How to create confidence to be a mentor/guide for your children in a digital world

+ How to create a supportive community to empower you and others on the journey

Online Webinar | February 15, 2023 | 1:30 – 2:30 CST

Register today; it’s free so please don’t hesitate to forward this email and invite others!

If you cannot attend the webinar you must register in advance to watch it later.

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