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An Earnest Advisor for Investment, Planning, Business, and Life Decisions

An Earnest Financial Partner

Dightman Capital delivers a high level of individual service and attention to each client.  The deep relationships we develop with our clients enable us to provide customization and accessibility that can be rare in the wealth management industry.  We go the extra mile so you can be confident about your financial future.

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Helping you build a better future.

Clarifying Your
Financial World

Your financial world is comprised of multiple factors that are constantly changing and is described by acronyms and jargon you may not be familiar with.  We take the time to break down the concepts and make them understandable to you.  We will help you understand the difference between your accounts.  We will explain how your investments are taxed*.  We will describe different approaches to risk-management.  Most importantly, we can show you how well you are tracking towards your goals and suggest improvements, if necessary.

Finding The Right
Investments For You

Investors have different goals, experiences and resources which change over time.  We stay in touch so we know how these changes may impact your investment selection.  We also monitor economic and market conditions and will let you know if we think a change in your investments would be helpful towards achieving your financial goals.  We also partner with some of the brightest investment minds in the business, which helps us stay current with changes that could benefit our clients. 

Accessible &

We enjoy helping our clients make decisions about all aspects of their finances.  We have helped clients work through challenging opportunities and evaluate complex decisions.  We are here for all your financial questions. We are also privileged to work with the next generation of our clients and take as much care educating them as we do their parents.  Through this process we have built trusted long-lasting multigenerational relationships.

Investment Management

Investment Management is a core service at Dightman Capital.  To help you achieve your financial goals, we select and manage investments that are appropriate for your risk profile and designed to work together.  We monitor and review the progress of your investments and keep you updated through regular reports.  We may occasionally implement changes to your mix of investments to ensure your portfolio is properly structured.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning is an ongoing process that requires periodic adjustments to address financial or personal life changes.  We begin this process by understanding your resources and goals so we can create a financial plan tailored to your situation.  We have experience with a variety of different planning needs and use eMoney to generate reports and share information securely.  We also coordinate with tax and legal professionals as needed.

Helping you make the best decisions for your future is our priority.

Even the most motivated investor rarely has the time and energy to stay current with the ever-changing financial markets.  

Everyone needs a reliable guide.

We focus on the activity and changes occurring in the markets so we can help you make the best decisions for your future.  For over 15 years, we have helped our clients invest confidently.

We believe in going the extra mile for clients and have had the privilege of counseling them on a variety of important financial decisions.  Clients often seek our advice on significant business and life issues.  Over the years, we have conferred with clients on a wide range of topics including job transitions, strategic business plans, and options for college funding.

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What we do for the clients we serve.

Executives & Managers

We are experts in managing employer stock compensation plans (ESPP, RSUs, Restricted Stock, etc.) through customized diversification strategies.  Our services also include managing the regulatory filings for Section 16 Officers.  Because we know that corporate executives and managers have limited time, we ensure our communications with them are concise and effective.  

Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Business owners and entrepreneurs face multiple simultaneous challenges.  We understand the economic dynamics that impact businesses and serve as a valuable information source.  We serve as a resource to analyze and evaluate the sale of businesses, make recommendations regarding negotiation strategies, and provide person-to-person introductions.  Our planning work can include determining the value of a potential business sale, including real estate holdings, so progress towards retirement can be monitored.

Individuals Nearing or in Retirement

The transition into retirement involves many complex factors.  We help individuals understand which variables can be controlled and which cannot.  We work to clarify our clients’ retirement needs and goals, develop an investment strategy to meet those goals, and then monitor and update their retirement plans as conditions change.  We help individuals build flexibility into their plans by balancing income generation from their investments with risk management strategies.

A seamless path forward

Secure and Painless

Implement the Plan
for You

Monitor and Modify the
Plan as Needed

A second opinion might change your financial future.

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