About Us

TheBrian Forward Chair closeup founder of the Dightman Capital, Brian Dightman, has always placed the needs of his clients ahead of his firm’s growth plans.  Shortly after he started Dightman Capital much of the financial world changed in significant and impactful ways following the credit crisis of 2008-09. Brian’s focus on risk-management helped his clients during the market sell-off and his approach to managing risk has continued to minimize overall downside volatility. This period in market history has required additional study and focus as traditional fundamental and technical analysis became less reliable. This led Brian to develop a multi-strategy investment approach that combines the best characteristics of traditional growth strategies with risk-managed strategies using standard asset classes and easy to understand investment methods.

Although we are small, we are growing.  Brian has more than double the assets under management since starting the firm in 2007 and has built a sophisticated service model using industry leading partners and technology solutions. Today, the ability to deliver world-class service and strategy with outsourced service partners has never been better for an independent Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm.

Brian has built a track record and service model he believes will allow him to grow.   His goals, however, have always and will remain secondary to growing and protecting his client’s wealth.


Our Mission

We aim to bring clarity to the individuals we serve. We deliver straight forward investment advice, strategically designed and well communicated. Our planning process focuses on helping investors maintain control and flexibility. There are too many products, too many opinions, too much noise. We are trying to change that.

We Give Back

We believe in supporting the community and focus our efforts on some of the most vulnerable individuals in society; children in foster care. We have been long-term supports of Treehouse for Kids as part of their “Builders Club” and look forward to adding other organizations in the future.